SITTING DOWN, SHUTTING DOWN: Physiologists analyzing obesity, heart disease, and diabetes found that the act of sitting shuts down the circulation of a fat-absorbing enzyme called lipase. Too much sitting also seems to increase the risk of death from cardiovascular disease and cancer. Standing up engages muscles and promotes the distribution of this enzyme, which prompts the body to process fat and cholesterol.

Searches show that the computer workers who had access to the adjustable work surfaces also reported significantly less musculoskeletal upper-body discomfort, lower afternoon discomfort scores and significantly more productivity,” said Alan Hedge, professor of design and environmental analysis in the College of Human Ecology at Cornell and director of Cornell’s Human Factors and Ergonomics Laboratory.

Stand Up Desk – Better Working, Longer Living

This unique height-adjustable benching solution designed for a modern open space plan. With its sleek and flexible design, it provides unparalleled space planning choices. With its uncompromised strength and ergonomic function, this thoughtfully designed benching platform is engineered for the evolving workplace.

A best of NeoCon award winner, this new product platform combines the features and functionality of a bench system with the ergonomic and documented health benefits of standing while working. Work surfaces are offered at fixed height, manual crank adjustable or with a fluid programmable motorized option. Screens have been engineered for fixed height use or can be mounted to the adjustable surfaces creating concealed work areas at virtually any height. It has been thoughtfully designed for use beyond traditional forward-facing benching. Return surfaces can receive power and data, creating multipurpose work areas.

This benching system has been designed to support both fixed height and height adjustable spaces within one platform. Fixed height can be easily upgraded in the future to height-adjustability, further securing your investment. This thoughtfully designed benching platform is engineered for the evolving workplace.


  • Manufactured with high strength steel supports and cross braces
  • Electric motors and crank mechanisms exceed BIFMA cycle and strength standards
  • Available in single sided or double sided applications, with multiple fixed or height adjustable return surface options and worksurface shapes
  • Option available to specify fixed height columns in place of adjustable columns in the same product platform
  • Easy access to power and data

Also, vary it up throughout the day. Don’t stand all day. Take breaks where you work sitting down and alternate.