One of the most iconic names in comfort, Tempur-Pedic® is often associated with luxurious mattresses, pillows and personalized sleeping experiences. Now, they’re extending their reach a little further into the business market to offer customers the chance to enjoy similar relaxation in their workplace.

How often do you find yourself fidgeting at your desk, unable to get comfortable? Every time you readjust your seating position, your body is attempting to increase circulation to the lower extremities that have been cut off by stiff seat construction, inefficient seat foam and pressure points.

These Tempur-Pedic® office chairs are your solution. With a rich, thick seat made of genuine TEMPUR® material, employees will savor the chance to spend time at their desks or in conference rooms. The fabric seat options, available with a mesh or fabric back, are perfect for a single office or shared workstation, and the bonded leather conference chair, available in a high or mid-back model, is ideal for more formal boardroom and conference applications.

So, the next time you find yourself making excuses to use the copier or visit a coworker so that you can get away from your uncomfortable office chair, think about upgrading to a chair that will help you stay focused throughout your day – The Comfort Seating Collection, by Tempur-Pedic®.